2021 Can-Am Maverick Sport Buyer’s Guide

The UTV market has really been heating up over the past few years.  Now it’s not just about picking the brand you want, but you must also decide what class of UTV you want.  We have all been drooling over the Maverick X3 for years, but maybe that machine is a little too big and bulky for the space you have at home, or maybe you want to hit narrower trails.  If that is the case, then maybe the Maverick Sport is your perfect option. 

It is just as awesome as its bigger predecessor, all wrapped up in a smaller package that comes in at just 60 inches wide.  Don’t worry about any stability issues though, as this thing has one of the longest wheelbases in class, which is sure to help keep the tires planted firmly on the ground. The sport is also not afraid to get its hands dirty as it comes with a 2 inch receiver hitch and 1500 pounds of towing capacity. So, when you’re not using it to tear up the trails, you can use it to help tear up that to do list.

In true Can-Am style, the Sport comes in six different variations for the 2021 model year.  This guarantees you are going to get a machine that is truly made to tear up any type of terrain you want to throw at it.  The six model options are the: base Maverick Sport, Maverick Sport DPS, Maverick Sport X XC, Maverick Sport X MR, Maverick Sport X RC, and finally the Maverick Sport MAX DPS.  Continue reading below to get an overview of each machine, as I am sure one will be perfect to suit your needs.

Maverick Sport

First on the list is the base model Maverick Sport, which comes in at a very pocket friendly price of $15,299.00.  It is available from the factory in the aggressively styled Can-Am Red and Black.  This machine comes with 75 HP which is produced by a V-twin Rotax motor.  Putting that power in to play is   Can-Am’s tried and true Visco-Lok differential.

To help with stability, it has a 90-inch wheelbase supported by Fox 2.0 podium shocks in the front and back, which allow the suspension to have 11.5 inches of travel in the front and 12 inches in the back.  12-inch aluminum wheels wrapped in 27-inch Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires help give the Sport 12 inches of ground clearance.  Under those rims and tires are dual 220 mm ventilated disc brakes with hydraulic twin-piston calipers at all four corners, which is sure to get you stopped in a hurry. 

Lastly, this machine comes with a 4.5-inch digital display with your standard gauges, as well as the ability to select between “Sport” and “ECO” mode.  In “Sport” mode, you have a faster throttle response for quicker driving, and in “ECO” mode, you have a more filtered throttle response for a smoother ride. 

Maverick Sport DPS

Next up is the Maverick Sport DPS, which comes in at a price of $17,499.00.  It is available in two color options: Octane Blue and Triple Black. The DPS variant is extremely similar to the base sport, except they were able to squeeze an extra 25 HP out of the motor, bringing the total up to an even 100.  The other difference is right in the name, DPS stands for Dynamic Power Steering. That is sure to come in handy when hitting the tight and winding trails the Sport was designed for.  

Maverick Sport Max DPS

There is also a four-seater version of the DPS called the Maverick Sport Max DPS and is available in Triple Black.  The extra passenger space will push the price up to $19,599.00 and the wheelbase out to just under 121 inches.  This is the only difference between these two versions of the DPS. 

Maverick Sport X XC

Now we are on to the Maverick Sport X XC, which sees the price climb to $20,299.00.  The jump in price does come with some pretty significant upgrades compared to the first two Maverick Models.  It is available in a Desert Tan & Carbon Black color combo.  This model also comes with the more powerful 100 HP version of the Rotax motor, but instead of the standard Visco-Lok, this comes with Can-Am’s cutting edge Smart-Lok technology which allows you to lock and unlock the front differential on the fly as you see fit. 

This variant comes with the Trail Active mode which takes input from multiple sensors. When it sees any wheel slippage it will begin to load/unload the clutches in the differential to keep all that power going to the ground while giving you as much maneuverability as possible.  Also getting a pretty substantial upgrade are both the tires and suspension.

The shocks get upgraded to Fox 2.5 Podiums which helps bump up the travel in the suspension to 14.75 inches in the front and rear. The rims get bumped up to 14-inch cast aluminum and come bead locked with 29-inch Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires on them, and this upgrade helps raise the ground clearance to 14 inches.  Lastly, we see the digital display size increase to 7.6 inches and the headlights are upgraded to LED’s.

Maverick Sport X MR

Next on tap is the Maverick Sport X MR, which is very similar to the X XC, so we only see the price go up little bit to $21,199.00.  The color combo for this model is called Iron Gray & Manta Green, which is personally my favorite as I love the way the green color pops.  This variant comes with Smart-Lok, just like the last, but has the Mud module instead of the Trail Active. This module is set up to help you through muddy swamp like terrain. 

This has the bigger 14-inch rims, but they haven’t been bead locked like the trail version.  The tires get swapped out to some 30-inch ITP Cryptids, which raises the ground clearance another inch bringing it to 15 inches.  These tires have some seriously aggressive tread on them, which will be sure to come in handy if you find yourself in some deep mud. The last addition to this model is 4,500-pound capacity winch with synthetic rope.

Maverick Sport X RC

The last model that comes with the Smart-Lok technology is the Maverick Sport X RC, which comes with a sticker price of $21,599.00, and is available in a color option called Chalk Gray & Magma Red.  The only difference between this and the previous model is the Smart-Lok module is set up for rock crawling.  It also comes with a set of 30-inch Maxxis Liberty tires, some rock sliders, and some extra skid plates to protect the bottom of the UTV from the rocks. But regardless what type of terrain you are attempting to conquer, there is sure to be a Maverick Sport that can get you through it with eye catching style and cutting-edge technology.