2021 Polaris Ranger Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for your next UTV, it is important to know what you want and need, this helps narrow your options down. Adding in research of the products, you can go into the shopping process a little easier, as you kind of know what you do not want in an off-road vehicle, and are beginning to learn what you do want.

There are a couple of great brands in the UTV world, one of the most popular is Polaris. It is considered popular for the fact that it is the most trusted off-road vehicle amongst farmers and ranchers to hunters, trail riding enthusiasts, and homeowners.

Just as Polaris claims, these machines are the “hardest working” and “smoothest riding”.

With features like all wheel drive, Polaris’ Ride Command and remarkable towing capacities, a long workday or day on the trails will no longer be a challenge. Polaris Rangers give you added comfort and reliability to conquer any job or terrain.

The 2021 line offers two and three seaters, special editions, crew and even youth packages.

We will break it down option by option below!



This two-seater option starts around $9,500 and is Polaris’ compact model, meaning it is very easily stored away, very easily trailered, or it can even load in the bed of most full-size trucks! Even with its small size, its steer wheel, independent rear suspension and smooth ride makes this compact Ranger very comfortable for its two occupants. The 10-inch ground clearance gives added comfort.

The Ranger 500 is powered by a 500cc pro star engine, with 32 horsepower and all-wheel drive. This compact model has a 1500-pound capacity for towing and the cargo box is rated at 500 pounds. This model comes with a 2-inch hitch receiver, making it capable of moving bumper pull trailers. 


This Ranger’s power and performance has been classified as “best-in-class”! With 44 horsepower, smooth end low torque, independent rear suspension and 10 inches of ground clearance this model offers a smooth ride with midsize utility. The machine is rated at 1500 pounds towing capacity and the 500-pound capable cargo box is a gas assisted dump box. The Ranger 570 is priced around $11,000 to start at. 


The final option for two-seater Rangers is also Polaris’ ultimate electric side by side. Yes, you read that right! The EV model is very low maintenance, though it is one of the hardest working, smoothest riding electric side by side on the market. This electric powered UTV provided power and performance with 30 horsepower, and the same towing capacity as Polaris’ other two-seater models, 1500-pound towing and 500-pound box. Smooth ride and comfort come from the 10.5-inch ground clearance and 9-inch rear suspension.

What you might find great about this UTV is that it is quiet, making it a hunter’s perfect companion. And it is also environmentally friendly. The EV model is priced to start selling right below the $12,000 range. 


Ranger 570 Full-Size

This model is priced to jump on the market starting at $10,500. This 44-horsepower machine has the same towing capacity as the two seaters, but the cargo box is rated at 800 pounds. The cargo box is a gas assist dump box, too. This three-seater comes with a standard front bumper and three-quarter long skid plate. It has the 10-inch independent rear suspension, and 10.5-inch ground clearance. 


This three-seater option is the next gen of the XP 900, meaning it is made to work. Polaris took one of its bestselling side by sides of all time and made it a mission to make it even more capable, way more comfortable, and even more durable than ever before.

The Ranger 1000 is truly purpose driven built, with a single overhead cam engine, giving the 61-horsepower motor 55 pounds of torque. It has a 30% better front drive shaft than the XP 900, it also has a full body skid plate, sealed bushings and bearings, making this machine durable. The 1000 model does have big torque, making it strong for towing (2500 tow and 1000 box) but at lower RPMs. It has comfortable seats and storage! This three-seater model will start you at $13,000.


This three-seater is equipped with the 999cc pro star motor, 82 horsepower, and a three-mode throttle (work, standard, and performance mode). Considered to be the “king” of side by sides with a combination of power, comfort, convenience and strength, making this “king” otherwise, remarkable.

It is ready for large jobs, tough and rugged terrains with its 13-inch ground clearance and 11-inch suspension. It is also equipped with Polaris’ 30% stronger front drive shaft and a 50% more durable clutch. The XP 1000 is sitting on 14-inch aluminum wheels for style and strength, and comes with a full body skid plate, a large front bumper for the most protection. This tough machine is priced to start at $17,000. 


The special edition models are all available in three seat options or the crew options.


The North Star Edition comes in two trim packages, Ultimate and Premium, let’s start with the Premium option first.

Starting at $24,000, the Premium trim package includes heating and air conditioning, the Premium Ranger Pro Shield Cab System, a Polaris Pro 4,500 Winch, Sport Roof with a Premium Liner and Dome Light. It also has both Lock and Ride Windshield (with wiper/wash system) and Glass Rear Panel. The Premium has manual crank window doors. It has 82 horsepower, a 13-inch ground clearance and towing capacity of 2500 pounds.

The Ultimate trim package starts at $27,000 and sits on 29-inch tires wrapped around 14 wheels. It is equipped with heating and air conditioning, and Ride Command 7-inch infotainment system, which includes in dash speakers, front and rear cameras, GPS and group ride. Along with LED headlights, the Ultimate has the Premium Ranger Pro Shield Cab System, Pro Shield Full Glass Tip-Out Windshield, Power window front poly doors. Like the Premium package, it has the Polaris Pro 4,500-pound winch, Sport Roof with premium liner and dome light, lock and ride glass rear panel. It has the same amount of horsepower and towing capacities as the Premium package (82 hp and 2500 tow), but it has an inch more ground clearance (14 inches).


The Trail Boss is a hard-working machine and honestly seems to set the bar for side by sides when it comes to capability. Capable and refined, the trail boss gives you confidence to do even more. The Trail Boss edition can be purchased as a three-seater, as a crew cab; and you can also purchase a XP 1000 NorthStar Edition Trail Boss, in three-seater and crew cab.

The Trail Boss comes in only one color, Ghost White. It sits on 14-inch wheels and 29-inch tires. It comes with high clearance arched A-arms, LED headlights, and active descent control. It’s 11-inch suspension is self-leveling. The 82-horsepower motor has a three-mode throttle control. The Trail Boss has a 14-inch clearance and a 2500 towing capacity. Price for the Trail Boss starts at $19,000- $20,500.


This Ranger model is a combination of the NorthStar Edition and the Trail Boss Edition, price wise starts at $28,500 for three-seater and $32,000 for the crew cab. This ultimate side by side sits on 29-inch tires and 14-inch wheels. Has the high clearance A-arms, LED headlights, active descent control, self-leveling suspension, heating and air-conditioned cab, along with the Pro Shield full glass tip-out windshield and Cab System. Power window front poly doors and the Ride Command 7-inch infotainment system round this machine off to a fully loaded side by side. It also has the Polaris Pro 4500-pound winch, 82 horsepower, 14-inch ground clearance and 2,500-pound towing capabilities. Talk about bang for your buck!


This one of a kind side by side was “built for Texas”, meaning it was built for those tough Texas jobs, and is adorned with exclusive Texas themed badges. The Texas edition comes in one color, Black Pearl, which is a brow and black combo. It also sits on 14-inch wheels and 29-inch tires. The seats are embroidered with the premium Texas badges, same as on the UTV’s box. This edition comes stock with a Sport Roof and the Polaris Pro 4500-pound pro HD winch. The 82-horsepower motor is paired with a 2500-pound towing capacity and a 14-inch ground clearance. This Texas edition Ranger begins at $19,000 for the three-seater and $20,500 for the crew cab. 


Polaris’ “king of mud” is loaded with features catered towards mud. This machine is made to take on all the mud. Its smooth and dependable 82 horsepower will get you through mud holes, and its durable driveline is built to hold up against mud and debris. It has remarkable ground clearance, 15 inches, allowing you to power over rough terrains with ease. The “king of mud” sits on 30-inch Outlaw 2 Tires, has mud specific front and rear bumpers, and premium half doors which have 1-inch water drains. The air intakes are mounted higher, with mud and water in mind. The side by side is rated at 2500 pounds of towing capacity and comes with a Polaris Pro 4500-pound winch. The “king of mud” starts at $21,000 for the three-seater and $22,100 for the crew cab.


The crew cab options are very similar in many ways to the two and three-seater models, but with a few modifications for such a large machine. 


The Ranger Crew 570 is a 44 horsepower, 567cc Prostar 570 engine. The crew has more power than the two/three-seater model. The UTV sits 60 inches wide on 25-inch tires, seats three passengers, the driver making the fourth person. This crew starts at $11,500. You can however, upgrade to the Premium package and get added electric power steering, with an automotive style paint, for $13,200. 


With seating for six people, this full-size Ranger is comfortable and ready to perform; it works hard, rides smooth and is one durable machine. It’s instant traction and all-wheel drive make it capable of facing tough terrains smoothly, and it’s capable of towing or hauling up to 1500 pounds. Like the Crew 570 it has a 567cc Prostar 570 engine with 44 horsepower, 60 inches wide, but the Full Size has a 10.5 ground clearance. This six-seater Ranger starts at $12,200. 


This Ranger is what Polaris claims to be the “next generation of the XP 900”, like mentioned above about the three-seater option, the 1000, Polaris took their bestselling side by side and made it even more capable, comfortable and durable. This is a strong side by side, 61 horsepower from it’s all new engine with big torque it is ready to pull at low RPMs; it sits on 25-inch tires and 12 inches of ground clearance. Polaris has the price set to start at $14,400, but you can upgrade to Premium trim starting at $16,500.

The Premium trim adds electronic power steering, upgrades your bumper to a large steel bumper with plow and winch availability. The upgrade trim package provides 26-inch PXT 2 tires wrapped around 12-inch aluminum black Xcelerator wheels. It also has adjustable seat slider, thicker seating, premium automotive paint and 1,750-pound payload capacity. 


Polaris has the Crew XP 1000 marked to start at $18,300 and this UTV is considered the “King of the Category”. There is no match for this machine with its power, comfort and brute strength, its capable of finishing the largest jobs and rough terrains. With 11-inch suspension, 13-inch ground clearance, 14-inch wheels, three mode throttle an engine braking system, this machine is ready. The Crew XP 1000 has 82 horsepower, ready to tow 2500 pounds with ease. Upgrades are available to the XP 1000 to any of the above-mentioned special edition trim and color packages. 


Ranger 150 EFI

Polaris created this little machine to keep parents and grandparent’s peace of mind, truly. The 150cc motor is ready to run all day, towing up to 50 pounds of storage, an 8-inch ground clearance. It’s powered by Ride Command Geofencing Capabilities and has a digital speed limiter, giving adults control over the speed of the machine. The steering wheel and driver’s seat are adjustable. The UTV is protected with a passcode, must have the passcode to start it up. This 48-inch-wide vehicle is designed for children ages 10 and up. Polaris provides two youth helmets, safety flag and a training DVD, starting at $5500.