2021 Speed UTV Buyer’s Guide

Speed UTV was born in Baja, but is driven all over the world. The design headquarters is based in North Carolina, but the company has engineering partners all over, USA, Australia, Europe, Germany, Asia and Canada. All of the parts are sourced out globally, but the final assembly is taking place in Texas (USA).

While the Speed UTV ‘cars’ are manufactured here in the states, they will be sold worldwide, the website states that if the potential consumer lives outside of the states, that they call the North Carolina headquarters to place orders. 

These cars are projected to have begun shipping in November or December of 2020!

The innovative designs are obvious even at the entry level of Speed UTV’ cars. With each level package comes a car that is jam packed with standard factory features that are hard pressed to find anywhere else.

The front two seats are on sliders, so they are easily adjusted, along with the stock five point harness. The cab of the base models are not race legal from the manufacturer, but accessories will be available to customize and make the car race legal. Those accessories are items like door bars, window nets, aluminum roofing, and the replacement of the fuel tank with a fuel cell. Enclosed cab designs are in the planning phases, too and are planned to release around the Summer of 2021. The enclosed cabs will allow for the radiator to be moved from rear to the front to help with climate control; full glass, roll down windows for door windows. The current cars will have the option to convert to this enclosed cab, but Speed UTV warns that this will require a great deal of work.

The base models are expected to be some of the highest performing side by sides on the utility and terrain vehicle market.They will sit on stock tires measuring to 32.5 inches, but can fit up to 35 inch tires with full articulation of the suspension and some minor plastic trimming (the company can provide templates). The suspension itself is top of the line with the left and right parts interchangeable; it allows for easier repairs, and does not force the consumer to have a bunch of spare parts on hand. The shocks are also the same for the front and back for the same reason which have a 3.25 inch IBP, external rebound and compression adjustments and dual rate springs with adjustable collars. The ground clearance can be adjusted internally from 11.5 to 12 inches with the hydraulic limiter. The cars come stock (from factory) with a full skid plate, front to rear; along with rear diff bump pad.

Last, but not least, Speed UTV equips each car with their motor, the Speed 999 Turbo. It is a dual cylinder 999cc, single turbo. The 999cc motor puts out 230 horsepower (91 pump @ 20psi) and 300 motor horsepower (e85 @ 30 psi). A “Speed Key”, which is a tune available for the e85 gas, giving the motor 300 horsepower and allows the car to a top speed of 85 mph. However, Speed UTV requires the release of liability and an immediate void of the warranty, upon purchasing. Engineers and developers are creating an app for smartphones that will allow owners to diagnose the motor. 

The base level has three different cars, Baja Bandit, El Diablo and El Jefe. The major difference in the three cars is going to be seating. The Baja Bandit and the El Diablo are both pricing at $30,000 two seaters; while the four seater, El Jefe, is priced at $32,000. 

Currently, Speed UTV offers the cars in three different package levels: Base, Limited Edition and the Robby Gorden Edition, and within the packages are three cars each. Each package possess upgrades to help the consumer obtain a “race ready” car. The cars are titled Baja Bandit (136 inches long and 72 inches wide), El Diablo (151 inches long and 70 inches wide) and El Jefe (161 inches long and 77 inches wide). All three cars in all three editions come with a 15.5 ground clearance. 


The base level cars come with simulated beadlocks, factory wheels, factory seats and factory graphics. The Baja Bandit and El Diablo are both priced at $30,000 two seaters, while the El Diablo has a little bit longer and wider. The four seater option, El Jefe, is priced at $32,000.


Speed UTV’s limited edition is a car that provides the owner an “edge”, making it a pleasure to drive. The Limited Edition option includes Speed Carbon Fiber Race Seats, Bead-locked wheels, Speed Roof, Speed % Point Harness and Speed Custom Speed Graphic Kit. These upgrades total nearly $5,000. The two seater options, Baja Bandit and El Diablo, are priced at $33,00; while the four seater, El Jefe, has a starting price of $37,000.


The Robby Gorden Edition, RG Edition for short, is promised to not only be closer to “race ready” than the other three levels, but promised to “get your mind racing”. The RG Edition is labeled after the man behind Speed UTV. The RG Edition will include Window Nets, unique 2021 RG Race Edition Graphics, orange powder coated roll cage and suspension, carbon suede seats and steering wheel, radio intercom kit, beadlock wheels and a positive flow roof. The customer will have the choice between white and orange carbon look or a black and orange carbon look for the graphic scheme. 

The cars will be priced as following, Baja Bandit and El Diablo (two seated cars) will begin at $33,00 and the El Jefe (four seated car) will start at $37,000.


Speed UTV already has accessories available on the website, but the company’s goal is to have or had all items available when the cars begin shipping to customers. Accessories include the 300 HP Hell Key (voids warranty), the 1000 CC Big Bore Kits, Carbon Fiber Race seats, light bars, winches, wheel options, and so much more. Complete race packages will be offered and will be SCORE and BITD legal.