Arctic Cat UTV Buyer’s Guide for 2020

Arctic Cat is well-known in the world of snowmobiles, but they’ve only been in the side-by-side market since 2005. The Minnesota based company has a relatively short, but interesting history that began in 1960 with Edgar Hetteen leaving Polaris to start his own business.

It has seen its share of ups and downs, but it has continued to produce well-regarded alternatives to some of the larger manufacturers. The acquisition of Arctic Cat by Textron in 2017 resulted in some confusion as the company transitioned to Textron Off Road and began eliminating the Arctic Cat name.

Today, the Arctic Cat name is officially back with the introduction of the 2020 off road models, including a full lineup of UTVs. This is an important brand for Textron and the hope is that the lineup of ATVs and UTVs will continue to be updated and expanded to better position themselves in a very competitive marketplace.

Arctic Cat’s 2020 lineup has some great machines that offer a lot of value to potential customers. The lineup of UTVs is definitely worth a look for any prospective buyers. Keep reading below for a full buyer’s guide for Arctic Cat’s 2020 UTV lineup.

Prowler 500

If you’re looking for a utility oriented machine that can get the job done without breaking the bank, then look no further. The Prowler 500 has a lot of capability at a relatively low price point. It has a 443cc SOHC single cylinder engine paired up to a dual range CVT transmission. It’s not going to win many drag races, but it has enough power to tow 1,500 lbs, along with a cargo box capacity of 500 lbs. It’s also fairly compact, with a 72 inch wheelbase and 56.4 inch width. This will come in handy when working in tight quarters.

The Prowler 500 comes standard with 25 inch tires on 12 inch steel wheels. Nothing fancy, but they get the job done. Ground clearance is a solid 10 inches and you get hydraulic disc brakes at all four corners. It has a dual A-arm suspension setup, front and rear, with 7.5 inches of wheel travel. Even though those are not huge numbers, it will keep the ride comfortable whether you’re working or out on the trails. The cabin features a 2 person bench seat and uses nets rather than doors, as is fairly common on utility side-by-sides. You also get a digital gauge and analog speedometer with a variety of different readouts and functions. Lighting is provided by twin halogen headlights up front and halogen taillights in the rear.

There’s also a bit of storage, with a glove box, under-hood storage, and a neat little compartment built into the tailgate. There’s no power steering on this model, but this UTV is fairly small and lightweight, so it may not be that detrimental in the long run. This model is available in a Dynamic Charcoal/Medium Green color combo and has a MSRP of $9,399.

Prowler Pro

Many people want a UTV for work, but they still want some added features. In many cases, these machines pull double duty, as they are also commonly used for recreation. Arctic Cat’s Prowler Pro has a lot to offer in this category. It has a 50 hp 812cc triple cylinder engine mated to a dual range CVT transmission. With a strong engine and 2,000 lb towing capacity, as well as a 1,000 lb bed capacity, this UTV is prepared to work. It has selectable 2wd and 4wd, but no locking front differential. It does, however, have an unlocking rear differential to help reduce damage to sensitive areas around your house or property.

Arctic Cat made a concerted effort to reduce noise and make this a more comfortable utility machine. Suspension plays a large part in comfort as you are traveling from point A to point B. The Prowler Pro has a dual A-arm setup, front and rear. It has a full 10 inches of front wheel travel and 9.5 inches of rear wheel travel. It comes standard with 26 inch Kenda K590 tires on 14 inch aluminum wheels and has a solid 10.75 inches of ground clearance.

The Prowler Pro is similar in size to other vehicles in this class. It’s 63 inches wide and has an 85 inch wheelbase, so it’s comparable to the competition. It does have some standard features that others lack. It comes standard with electronic power steering, a roof, quarter doors, and a 4,500 lb winch. In the cab, you get a bench seat large enough for 3 people, tilt steering wheel, digital gauge cluster, and a wide assortment of storage options. This model is available in a Dynamic Charcoal/Medium Green color combo or a White/Fire Red color combo. MSRP for the Prowler Pro is $14,999.

Prowler Pro Crew

If you like the looks and features of the Prowler Pro, but need to carry more people, the Prowler Pro Crew is just what you’re looking for. You get all of the great features of the Prowler Pro, such as the 812cc triple cylinder engine and CVT transmission. It has the same dual A-arm suspension setup with 10 inches of front wheel travel and 9.5 inches of travel out back. The 26 inch Kenda K590 tires and 14 inch aluminum wheels are standard and ground clearance stays at 10.75 inches.

The main difference for the Prowler Pro Crew is that the wheelbase has been stretched to 118.5 inches to accommodate up to 6 passengers. Width remains at 63 inches and it’s still plenty capable of work with a 2,000 lb towing capacity. The bed capacity is 1,000 lbs, just like the Prowler Pro. The Crew has a tilt steering wheel, electronic power steering, digital gauge cluster, and quarter doors. This machine is basically a longer version of the Prowler Pro with the same capabilities, just more room for passengers. It comes in two color options for 2020. You can get a Dynamic Charcoal/Medium Green color combo or a White/Fire Red color Combo. MSRP for the Prowler Pro Crew is $15,399.


If you are looking for a capable workhorse but want more power than the 50 hp Prowler and don’t need the extra quite operation, look no further than the Stampede LTD EPS. It features an 80 hp two cylinder SOHC engine making 59 ft-lb of torque. AWD on demand delivers power to all four wheels while the selectable rear locking differential makes sure you can overcome any terrain with ease. The bench seat has room for two compared to the Prowler’s three passengers.

Towing capacity is the same as the Prowler at 2,000 lbs while the weight limit of the tilt bed is 600 lb compared to the 1,000 lb limit of the Prowler. The suspension is an independent front and rear double a-arm setup providing 9.5 inches of travel in the front and 10.5 inches in the rear. Ground clearnace is 11.5 inches to climb over any obstacle thrown at you. With 24 cu-ft of storage there is lots of room for gear or work materials.

Traction is provided by 27 inch Maxxis Bighorn tires and the vehicle width is 58 inches while the wheelbase is 85 inches. Four wheel disc brakes provide ample stopping power. Standard accessories include a hard top, hood rack, and a full poly windshield.

The Stampede comes in a Bright White color option at $15,099 MSRP.

Stampede LTD EPS

Offering the same capabilities and features of the standard Stampede the LTD version comes with some additional accessories and a unique color scheme to set it apart from the base model. These include a 4,500 lb WARN winch, hard top, hood rack, full poly windshield, rear windshield, rearview mirror and full poly doors.

The Stampede LTD EPS has a color of Charcoal Metallic and an MSRP of $16,599.

Stampede 4 XT EPS

The Stampede is also offered in a four passenger version called the Stampede 4 XT EPS. This variant is very similar to the two seat Stampede but offers additional cargo space at 30 cu-ft in addition to the extra seating. The engine, suspension and wheels and tires are the same. This model has the same heavy duty towing capacity and bed carrying abilities as the tow seat version at 2,000 lb and 600 lb respectively.

Width is 58 inches while the length is 158 inches and 27 inch Maxxis Bighorn tires sit at all four corners. All Stampede models feature a 40 inch field of vision so you can see clearly in front of you while driving. The adjustable LCD display features diagnostics and speed control. A 12v DC power outlet and USB connection are also standard. Three point seat belts and a seat belt rev limiter also come on all Stampede models.

Standard accessories include a 4,500 lb WARN winch, hard top, hood rack, full poly windshield and a rearview mirror.

The color for this model is Platinum and has an MSRP of $16,599.


The Havoc is Arctic Cat’s recreational UTV. It’s very capable of work, but is has the capability to let loose out on the trails. It’s powered by a 957cc SOHC twin cylinder engine that makes 100 hp. It’s paired to a dual range CVT transmission and an on-demand AWD system that automatically locks the front differential when needed. Power steering is standard on the Havoc, as are 4 wheel hydraulic disc brakes. Suspension is provided by a dual A-arm setup, front and rear. Wheel travel is impressive at 12.8 inches in the front and 12.9 inches of travel out back. This gives the Havoc a smooth ride on virtually any terrain you might come across.

This model comes with 27 inch Duro Powergrip tires mounted on 14 inch steel wheels. Ground clearance is excellent at 13 inches. At 64 inches wide with an 85.2 inch wheelbase, the Havoc is able to conquer all but the most narrow trails. It has a comfortable bolstered bench seat big enough for 2 people and you get standard half doors, HD front bumper, 5,000 lb winch, and a hard roof. It also comes standard with a LCD driver display and LED headlights and taillights.

The Havoc is also very capable of working around the farm or house. It has a cargo box with a 600 lb capacity and it can tow up to 2,000 lbs. This UTV really stands out for the storage options available. You have various dash pockets, a glove box, and an extended space between the seats and the cargo bed. This gives the owner a lot of options when carrying gear, whether it’s for work or play. The Havoc comes in a White/Medium Green color combo and had a MSRP of $16,199.

Wildcat XX

If you’re more interested in a pure-sport UTV, Arctic Cat has you covered. The Wildcat XX is a direct competitor to the Polaris RZR XP 1000, Honda Talon, Yamaha YXZ, and the new Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000. It has a 998cc inline triple cylinder engine that produces a whopping 130 hp. It uses a dual range CVT transmission and selectable 2wd, 4wd, and differential lock to get all of that power to the ground. It’s 64 inches wide and has a 95 inch wheelbase to maintain stability in all conditions.

The Wildcat XX also has a fantastic suspension setup and it shows in ride quality. It has dual A-arms in the front and a trailing arm setup in the rear with Fox Podium 2.5 QS3 shocks all around. Suspension travel is 18 inches at all four corners. It comes standard with 30 inch CST Behemoth tires mounted on 15 inch aluminum KMC wheels and has a full 14 inches of ground clearance. It even has extra large wheel flares to protect against all of the roost that will inevitably be flying off of those massive tires. Coupled with half doors, the riders are pretty well protected.

In the cockpit, you get bucket seats, dual screen LCD gauge, glove box, and cup holders. It has halogen headlights with LED accent lights to give the machine a unique and aggressive look. Tilt steering wheel and electronic power steering are standard as well. Being a sport UTV, it only has a small bed in the rear, but it can handle a respectable 300 lbs of gear. This machine is a compelling alternative in the pure-sport UTV market. It’s extremely capable, has plenty of power, and is very reasonably priced in this class. The MSRP starts at $18,899 for 2020. You have two color options for the Wildcat XX. You can get a Charcoal Metallic/Medium Green color combo or White/Fire Red combo.

Welcome back Arctic Cat!

After a brief trial using the Textron name, it’s great to see the Arctic Cat name back on their UTVs. Arctic Cat has been making some great machines that are sometimes overlooked. There’s no doubt that Can-Am and Polaris make a bigger splash with their flashier UTVs, but Arctic Cat is providing very capable machines, often times at lower price points. While the lineup is a bit limited right now, it’s obvious that there’s a renewed focus on the Arctic Cat brand.

There’s a good chance that Arctic Cat will expand the lineup and hopefully introduce some new models. The UTV marketplace is getting a bit crowded, but there’s obviously a demand for these vehicles. If you’re one of the many people looking for a new UTV, Arctic Cat has some great machines that might just fit the bill.