How to Carry More Gear On Your Next Ride

Every day, UTV’s are becoming more and more popular. They can carry you into all kinds of rough, remote, and even difficult places to get to with relative ease in comparison to a full-sized vehicle. They are available these days in numerous shapes and sizes and with features geared toward suiting a target audience that ranges from farmers, ranchers, and even just plain adrenaline junkies. Your actual choice of a UTV or SXS make and model will often dictate what accessories you’ll be needing for getting the most out of your ride on any type of trip.

So, whether you use your UTV for working or just for fun, having the ability to securely carry all of your necessary stuff can be really essential. From a spot for holding your cell phone to equipment to secure your gear for a camping trip, you’ll need to ensure everything on your UTV makes it in one piece to your destination. We have good news for you and that is that there’s a huge selection of all kinds of products that will fit just about any UTV, allowing you to not only be able to carry but also to protect all of your riding essentials. On the farm, ranch, or wherever you’re going, ruggedly-durable accessories are available for you to choose from.

Roof Racks

Here are a few examples of excellent roof racks for your UTV:

AFX Polaris RZR (4 Seater) Roof Rack XP 1000

  • Offers approximately 31″ x 53″ of usable space
  • Rated for 100 lbs of weight capacity
  • Easy installation
  • Manufactured of 14ga laser-cut steel
  • Finish is black powder-coated
  • Weighs approximately 26 lbs.
  • Lights not included
  • Some drilling and assembly required
  • Fits Polaris XP1000 4-Seater

AFX Can-am X3 Max (4 Seater) Roof Rack

The AFXMotorsports roof rack is manufactured using high-quality (14-gauge) carbon steel. It’s supported by heavy-duty brackets and is black powder-coated rack, providing extreme durability, stability, and convenience that’s specially designed for improving all of your offroad adventures. It can attach to your roll cage or your UTV’s flat roof top.

  • Offers approximately 49″ x 56″ of usable space
  • Extra hardware included for adding a 40-inch light bar on the front
  • Rated for 100 lbs of weight capacity
  • Easy installation
  • Manufactured of 14ga laser-cut steel
  • Some drilling and assembly required

Racks Above the Bed/Rear Cargo Area

Here are several racks to fit the bill:

Moose Universal Rear Mesh Rack

Increasing your UTV’s hauling capacity is quick and easy just by mounting a durable rack over the existing O.E.M. one and here are its basic features:.

  • Manufactured of 3/4-inch 16-gauge steel tubing
  • Has a 14-gauge steel diamond-punched bottom
  • Offers an anti-rattling electro-charged rubber-coated finish
  • Includes universal mounting hardware
  • Measures 40-1/2″ wide by 22-1/2″ long by 6″ deep
  • Important Note: Be sure that you’re not exceeding the manufacturer’s recommended limit for weight capacity.

Moose Rear Basket

This durable basket is vacuum-formed and inexpensive to boot and its features include:

  • It attaches with U-bolts (included)
  • The basket measures 44″ x 23″ x 6″
  • This product is made in the U.S.A
  • Some drilling required
  • Basket cover is sold separately

Racks That Mount to the Front of UTVs Over the Hood

Over-the-hood racks are quite convenient for increasing your carrying capacity. Here are a few examples:

QuadBoss UTV Rack Mount (Universal Front)

There are no drilling or modifications needed with this handy rack. It holds up to 80 pounds of essential gear and offers a wraparound-front-extension for preventing the cargo from trying to slide off during your ride and features include:

  • Offers quick-release knobs for allowing access to the hood in mere seconds and without any tools needed
  • It will fit most UTVs
  • The dimensions are 45″ x 23″
  • It’s made in the U.S.A.
  • UTV-specific mounts are sold separately.

Moose Hood Rack

Moose Racing is one of those companies that’s dedicated to delivering the high-quality superior performing products to both riders and racers. Here’s a hood rack from Moose Racing to suit your gear-carrying needs:

  • Tubular-steel basket
  • It offers both easy placement and simple removal (no tools required)
  • No drilling required
  • All-steel construction
  • This hood rack will also accept a wide range of accessories for holding firearms or other gear. The design allows your equipment to be securely strapped down using its multiple mounting points.
  • It increases your overall storage space by around 30 percent while also keeping your dump bed clear for loading and unloading without the need for rearranging your equipment.

Moose also offers a universal mesh rack for the front of your UTV.

Cargo Bed Racks

The Razorback Offroad Rack

The majority of sport model UTV’s have cargo beds that are relatively small. They have a tendency to get overrun too quickly when you’re packing for a hunting or camping trip. Razorback Offroad (RBO) offers a number of excellent solutions for increasing both organization and cargo capacity. RBO rear rack systems surround the UTV bed with a cage that provides for RotoPaX containers and an optional spare tire. One of these RBO racks can turn your tiny UTV bed into a true gear-hauling pro.

Your spare tire will mount to the RBO rack’s rear access gate, which is lockable. You can even stack your gear higher in the cage. In addition, there’s even more room available on up on the “Baja Rack” for holding the overflow and hauling things as big as a 65-quart cooler. This RBO rack makes it exceptionally easy for stowing enough on-board gear for a multi-day excursion.

Bike Racks

TUF Bike Racks

There are lots of UTV bike racks on the market today, however, if you’ve been disappointed by equipment that not only fits badly but also broke easily, your best bet could be upgrading to a TUF Rack. That’s because their bike racks are known for being downright indestructible.

TUF Racks were designed by real riders and they’re equipped for mounting on the back of your UTV. And, it’s modular, so you can carry enough bicycles for friends and family. These racks are tray-style and made using laser-cut 16-gauge steel that’s powder-coated.

They may be built tough as a tank but they’re surprisingly lightweight. In fact, they weigh an average of 25 percent less than other bike racks available today. They’re also designed for quick and easy installation. Basically, it involves simply attaching the hitch bar with the included pin, sliding the rack(s) over them, and your TUF UTV bike rack is ready for you to load your bike.

Note: It appears TUF Racks has gone out of business. You can use a trailer receiver hitch and hitch bike rack on most UTVs just like you would on a car or truck. See recommendations below.

FuelPax and RotoPax Fuel Containers

Have you ever found yourself out and about on your UTV and needing some extra fuel? You might even have fuel cans onboard but they’re old, cumbersome, and leaking. Well, no matter what make and model of UTV that you have, FuelpaX or Rotopax should be your fuel pack of choice.


These are modular and stackable containers that are made for a number of uses and they’re colored for ease-of-use. Fuel containers are red, water containers are white, and storage boxes are black/orange. They’re your optimum solution for the transportation of essential tools and fluids both securely and safely wherever you’re going. The walls of the fuel containers are roto-molded plus they carry a ten-year guarantee. This means that you’ll never need to worry about a cracked fuel container leaking all over your gear or not having extra fuel when you really need it.

All of the fuel containers manufactured by Rotopax for the US are molded using their patented three-layer design. It’s a molding technique that’s not only state-of-the-art but also exceeds the EPA and CARB requirements. This actually makes Rotopax the only fuel container like it that’s currently on the market. They’re available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs from one to four gallons.


FuelpaX fuel containers are stackable (like RotopaX). For stacking the 1.5 or 2.5 gallon sizes, you can use a RotopaX 1.75 extension and for stacking the 3.5 and 4.5 gallon sizes, just use a 3-gallon extension. And, a free mount is included with all FuelpaX Containers. These fuel packs are always pressure tested individually and made in the USA to ensure a high-quality, leak free container. FuelpaX containers are blowmolded and carry a 5-year leak free warranty. Sizes from 1.5 to 4.5 gallon are available.PLEASE NOTE: You should always remember to vent your fuel pack at least once a day, especially if the temperature or elevation changes significantly.

Water Packs

Just like their gas containers, Rotopax water containers are excellent for storing potable liquids because they’re rotationally-molded. They can also be frozen for ice-cold water all day. The plastic compound they’re made of is food grade, so they’re safe for holding drinking water and not recommended for carrying fuel. They’re available in three sizes, 1-gallon, 1.75-gallon, and 2-gallon.

Pax Mounts

All Rotopax containers have been specially designed for mounting on flat surfaces. Some customers prefer designing and fabricating their own mounting brackets for a custom application. The other option involves simply purchasing a Rotopax bracket since they make a variety of mounting brackets to suit most applications. (sold separately) You can use any one of the pax mounts with any pax containers and they’re all manufactured using hardened anodized aluminum for max strength.

Gun Racks/Gun Cases

Weapon mounts are a must-have for the safe and secure transportation of any bow or gun. This can be a major challenge, especially if you use your UTV for hunting. UTVs have serious space limitations, making gun mounting difficult. So, that being said, if a traditional gun rack is what you need, Big Sky Racks manufactures and markets what’s called a Sky Bar UTV Combo, which is available in both one-gun and two-gun models. This gun rack provides versatile mounting options for attaching to your UTV’s roof or roll cage for securely holding shotguns or rifles in adjustable thickly padded brackets.

In addition to Bozeman’s Big Sky Racks, there are several other manufacturers who make gun racks for UTVs. This includes ATV Tek, Kolpin, and Seizmik, who offer hard-shell gun storage solutions that offer another additional layer of protection. They could be an excellent option but do require more mounting space. In addition, Seizmik offers a special gun caddy for any UTV that has flat bench seats with a middle seat belt.

If you’re going to be transporting any AR-style tactical rifles, then Blac Rac is a good choice. They offer clamp-style gun mounts that are unique and extensively utilized by SWAT and other law enforcement teams. Blac Rac also offers UTV mounting options for safely and securely holding the majority of shotguns and service weapons.

Under-Hood Storage

Polaris RZR Storage Bin (Under-Hood)

This is one very popular and highly-functional choice for under-hood storage. Some of the features include:

  • Adds storage space for accessories and tools
  • Featuring corner knock-outs for securing gear using bungee cords
  • Made of durable high-density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Axiom Storage Boxes

  • In addition, Axiom makes UTV and side-by-side under-hood storage boxes for many Polaris and other UTV makes and models.

Between Seat Storage

RZR Storage Bags and UTV Cab Pack Center Seat Bag

Space-saving and sturdy storage bags from RZR are a great choice for your UTV and include the following features:

  • Made from 1680 D oxford cloth (thicker and more durable)
  • Water repellent and scratch resistant
  • Won’t take up valuable space in your UTV
  • Easy installation; just install between your seats close to your shoulder.
  • An excellent place for keeping your cell phone, sunglasses, tire gauge, gun, and/or binoculars. Waterproof Reverse-Zipper Design offers a really clean look and is also great for preventing sand in the zipper as well as keeping the inner bag clean and dry.

Under-Seat Storage

EMP Under-Seat Storage Bin Set

This under-seat storage product uses every ounce possible of available UTV space. Just put the polyethylene bins under your UTV seat. The bins are designed for accommodating smaller items, such as gloves, hand tools, snacks, and more. etc. Installation is both quick and easy and often takes only a few moments.

Basic Features:

  • Made of polyethylene
  • All three storage bins are included
  • Center bin is 16 inches deep
  • Utilizes that empty space underneath your seat
  • Installs in just minutes

Sealed Storage

Keeping all of your gear sealed from the damage that the elements can cause is important when your UTVing and here’s one product that does just that:

Outlaw Ou2002 Dry Box

Dry boxes are storage containers where the interior is kept at low humidity levels. The Outlaw Ou2002 UTV Aluminum Box offers the following special features:

  • Constructed of diamond-plate aluminum for assuring a lightweight, rust-free, and sturdy body
  • Gas-filled shock-absorbers on the box’s locking closures minimize rattling
  • Weather stripping assures dry storage
  • Has stainless steel hinges and a keyed stainless steel lock
  • Measures 35.5″ long by 14.75″ wide by 15″ high

Rollbar Storage

Tusk Overhead Storage & Map Bag

An excellent way for carrying extra gear without having to take up space in your UTV or SXS cargo bed is by installing a Tusk Overhead Storage and Map Bag. This accessory will allow you to quickly access any items that you might need (even while driving) as they’re easily within an arm’s reach. This solution also features a handy clear map pocket, which also drops down for really easy viewing.

Rear Cargo Area Storage

RotopaX Storage Boxes

This great space-saving solution includes two RotopaX storage boxes that can be mounted on your UTV or side-by-side in your rear cargo area.. The orange one is for your first aid kit and some necessary small tools. The black one can hold your factory tool kit and other items like a spare drive belt, lug wrench, tow strap, winch remote, tire plug kit, or whatever you choose to carry in it.

So, now that you’ve read our review of methods for carrying more cargo on your UTV, riding can become more enjoyable and you can stress less about where to put everything that you need on your next ride. Now, you’ll never run out of fuel, fresh drinking water, or have trouble finding your phone, tools, or even your first aid kit as they’ll all be safely stowed away.