CFMOTO UTV Buyer’s Guide

When you think of UTV brands one that may not immediately come to mind is CFMOTO. But just because they aren’t one of the popular manufactures doesn’t mean they should be overlooked if you are in the market for a UTV. That’s because they offer four sport models and three utility models to fit any need.

The company started in 1989 and currently has their global headquarters in Hangzhou, China. The CFMOTO United States headquarters is located in Minnesota and their distribution center is in Missouri. Their UTVs and ATVs are sold all across the United States so you won’t have to travel far to find a dealer.

Even though they may not be as well known in some circles they still offer an impressive lineup.

The company has two series of UTVS, the ZForce and the UForce. The ZForce models are CFMOTO’s sport Side-by-Sides. These are more performance orientated with independent suspension, front and rear stainless steel bumpers and slim and wide frame options so you can traverse trails wide or narrow. The UForce lineup feature models designed to be workhorses. Features included on these models are a large cargo bed with a gas assisted lift. Towing capacity ranges from 1025 lbs. to 2000 lbs. allowing these UTVs to haul heavy loads around the farm or job site.


ZForce 950 Sport

New for Spring 2020 the ZForce 950 Sport is the newest pure sport model from CFMOTO. It features a 963cc V-twin engine making 79 hp and 60 ft. lbs. of torque. The engine is equipped with a high volume intake and a pre-filter to keep harmful debris out of the engine. Shifting is done through a CVTech automatic transmission featuring engine braking.

In the suspension department the 950 Sport has 11″ of travel up front courtesy of an double a-arm setup with adjustable gas shocks. In the rear QUADLINK suspension with adjustable gas shocks provides 18″ of travel. It features a 60″ performance stance for better cornering and handling of rough terrain. Ground clearance is 11.5″.

Lighting is provided by RIDEVISION high output LED headlights and day time running lights and LED tail lights. Electronic power steering (EPS), 2WD/4WD and a locking front differential ensure you can tackle and obstacles on the trail.

Skid plates protect the belly of the vehicle while multifunction digital dash monitors the engine. A DC power outlet and USB posts allow you to charge your phone or other devices while riding.

The 950 Sport comes in blue or black color schemes. No MSRP has been set at this time. The 950 will be available Spring 2020.

ZForce 800 EX

The 800 EX model features an 800cc v-twin engine producing 62 hp and 53 ft. lbs. of torque. A high performance CVTech clutch system gets the power to the ground. Fuel is handled by a Delphi Electronic Fuel Injection.

Like the 950 Sport the 800 EX has a 60″ wide stance for better handling of fast corners and rough roads and trails. Suspension is double a-arm independent front and rear with adjustable nitrogen gas shocks. 11.8″ of ground clearance keeps you front getting high centered on trail debris.

Protection comes in the form of corrosion resistant front and rear bumpers standard on all CFMOTO Side-by-Sides. LED projector headlights, tilt steering wheel and half doors come standard on this model.

The multifunction digital dash monitors the engine while the electronic power steering, 2WD/4WD and front differential lock help you climb over or through any obstacle.

The 800 EX is available in blue, orange or grey color options. MSRP comes in at $11,799.

ZForce 800 Trail

Coming in at 50″ wide, the ZForce 800 Trail is designed for narrow roads and tight trails that require a narrow chassis to traverse.

It features the same 800cc 62 hp engine found in the 800 EX and the CVTech automatic transmission. The 11.2″ ground clearance is only slightly less than the 800 EX and 950 Sport allowing plenty of room to straddle obstacles.

The suspension is an independent double a-arm setup in the front and rear with adjustable compression and rebound on the front shocks and adjustable rebound on the rear shocks.

A cargo net that covers the rear cargo area makes sure all your gear stays in the vehicle while you are on rough roads and trails. Hydraulic front and rear disc brakes allow the ZForce 800 Trail to safely stop.

Standard features that are also included on the other ZForce models include a 3000 lb winch, LED projector headlights and LED tail lights, 2″ receiver hitch and half doors.

The 800 Trail comes in blue, orange or gray color option. MSRP comes in at $10,999.

ZForce 500 Trail

The 500 Trail is powered by single cylinder 495cc engine producing 38hp and 32 ft. lbs. of torque. The transmission is the CVTECH automatic found in the other ZForce models as well.

Just like the other ZForce models, the 500 Trail has independent double a-arm front and rear suspension with adjustable nitrogen gas shocks.

The 950 Sport and 800 EX feature adjustable compression and rebound in the front and rear whereas the 800 Trail and 500 Trail have adjustable compression and rebound in the front but only adjustable rebound in the rear.

The 50″ trail stance allows the 500 Trail to navigate tight, technical roads that may other be too narrow for a wider UTV. 4WD and a locking front differential make it just as capable as larger displacement models.

Standard equipment on this model and all ZForce models includes a 3000 lbs winch, roof, side mirrors, 2″ receiver hitch, electronic power steering (EPS), multi-function digital dash, rear cargo net and stainless steel front and rear bumpers.

Side nets are used in place of the half doors found on the other ZForce models. Just like the other ZForce models, the 500 Trail comes with hydraulic disc brakes front and rear.

Color options available are orange or white. MSRP is $9,099.


UForce 1000

The UForce 1000 is the beefy workhorse of the CFMOTO lineup. This UTV is built for pure work and functionality. The cargo box has an impressive 1000 lbs capacity with a gas assisted dump allowing you to carry practically anything in the bed. If you need to tow a large load, the 2″ trailer hitch receiver and 2,000 lbs towing capacity will help get the job done.

The UForce 1000 comes with a 3,500 lbs. winch with a wireless remote control allowing it to be operated from a distance.

Three more features unique to the 1000 model are the large capacity 10.5 gallon fuel tank, electronic throttle and skid plates.

Power comes from the 79 hp and 60 ft. lbs. of torque produced by the 963cc v-twin engine. The transmission is a CVTech automatic. Selectable 2WD, 4WD and a locking front differential make working in less than ideal terrain much easier.

At 63.5″ wide and 117″ long, its the largest Side-by-Side offered by CFMOTO. The extra width is welcomed since this vehicle has seating for 3 on the bench seat.

Ground clearance is close to that of the ZForce models (11.2″-11.8″) at 11.4″ The suspension is independent double a-arm in the front and rear with adjustable preload shocks.

Color options are Athens Blue, Matte Titanium Gray and True Timber Camo. MSRP comes in at $11,999 and $12,499 for True Timber Camo.

UForce 800

The UForce 800 is a smaller sibling to the 1000 model. It features a 62 hp. 53 ft. lbs. of torque 800cc v-twin engine. The winch has a 3,500 lb capacity and a wireless remote and the nitrogen-gas assisted dump cargo box can carry up to 600 lbs. The tow rating is 1250 lbs.

Half doors, aluminum alloy wheels and a locking glove box come standard on the UForce 800. Braking comes from hydraulic discs in the front and rear.

Suspension is a double a-arm independent setup with adjustable preload shocks and rear sway bar. The 57.6″ width allows the 800 to get into tighter places than the 100 due to its narrower stance. Ground clearance is 10.2″.

The drive train has selectable 2WD, 4WD and a locking front differential. Miscellaneous features are LED headlights accents, side mirrors, tilt steering wheel, engine braking and digital gauge to monitor the engine.

Available colors are Orange, Nebula Black, True Timber Camo. MSRP comes in at $10,999 and $11,449 for True Timber Camo.

UForce 500

The UForce 500 is the smallest engine utility UTV offered by CFMOTO. But that doesn’t mean its low on features or capability. Its powered by a 495cc single cylinder producing 38 hp and 32 ft. lbs. of torque. The transmission is a CVTech automatic with selectable 2WD, 4WD and a locking front differential.

The dimensions are the same as the UForce 800 at 57.6″ and 117″ long. Ground clearance is also the same at 10.2″. The suspension is handled by double a-arms in the front and rear. A rear sway bar helps with stability and the shocks have adjustable preload.

The dump bed has a 600 lbs. capacity and has a nitrogen gas assist making dumping loads easy. It has a 2″ receiver hitch with a 1025 lbs. towing limit. The front mounted winch has a 3000 lbs. capacity for getting out of tough situations.

Color options are Royal Blue, Nebula Black, True Timber Camo. The MSRP comes in at $9,099 and $9,549 for True Timber Camo.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a budget friendly UTV that doesn’t skimp on features give CFMOTO a look. They offer standard features that would have to be purchased extra from other brands. These include a roof (except on the UForce 800 and 500 ), winch, side mirrors and rear cargo net.

The brand and its models may not be as well known as some others but that doesn’t mean they don’t offer a competitive product at a reasonable price. Check them out.

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