Hunting and Fishing with your UTV

Getting to the perfect hunting or fishing spot can often times be a long and arduous hike. While we may enjoy the scenic hike in, let’s be honest, the hike out after bagging a beautiful deer, or a cooler full of fish, is not the part any of us are looking forward too. 

UTV’s have become increasing popular and can be a great way to haul your gear and your catch in and out of the woods.  The terrain you are going to have to travel to make it deep into the woods can throw a diverse mix of elements your way, all of which will shake your ride all over the place.  Due to this, you don’t want to simply toss your gun, crossbow, or fishing poles into the back and hope they are still in one piece when you get to your spot. 

Below we are going to take a look at the best and safest ways to store your gear, as well as some of the new accessories for hunting and fishing.  Lastly, even before you pack the UTV for your trip, make sure you talk to the person whose land you plan to head out into.  Permission to hunt or fish doesn’t necessarily mean permission to drive a UTV all over their property, especially if some of that land is used for farming.

Having a UTV can also provide you with some other new and exciting options to make your hunting and fishing trips more enjoyable.  


Carrying Firearms

Getting you and your gear safely into the field is a huge advantage of using a UTV when you are hunting.  There are quite a few options for storing your guns while traveling, and there are three main options when it comes to stowing your gun safely.

The first option from Great Day, a ceiling mounted rack that mounts to the frame under your vehicle. This mount is great for the quick access it gives you to your firearm, but leaves the gun exposed to the elements, so if you are driving in a particularly wet and muddy area, you may end up needing to wipe your firearms down before use.  Also, if you are a taller individual, this does eat into the headspace of your UTV. 

The next option from Seizmik is similar, but it mounts in between the driver and passenger seat.  This is probably going to be the most accessible mount you can get, which is something to keep in mind if you are hunting in an area that has dangerous predators, but we’ll talk more on this later. This mount gives you back your head space but takes up some of the seating space for the riders.  However, again, it leaves your weapons exposed to the elements. 

If you aren’t worried about needing your weapon at a moment’s notice, then maybe consider a bed mounted weapon holder like this one, which is also from Great Day.  It gets the guns completely out of the way by putting them behind you.  Another great feature of this set up is you can go with a case mounting rack like this Classic Accessories, which will protect your firearm from the environment. 

Also if you’re a crossbow hunter, have no fear, you have some great options like this double crossbow rack from Great Day. 

If you are in an area that has dangerous animals such as, bears, mountain lions, moose, or even wild pigs, every second counts if one of these animals charges you.  Having to unmount a rifle that is beside you and get it aimed on target can be a tall order.  If you carry a side arm for protection you may want to consider a mount like this one from DeYoung.  Or even consider getting some bear mace to keep strapped to the frame of your UTV.

Bed Box

Now that we can get our firearms to and from our hunting spot, let’s take a look at a few other cool options that using a side by side can add to your hunting trip.  The first thing you might want to consider is a bed box like this one from Kemimoto.  This will give you a safe and dry place to store your extra ammo or bolts, and will also keep them from bouncing all over the place while you drive.

Finally if you need to take your dogs with you, be sure to check out these boxes from Tree Dog Kustoms.


If you are looking for an over the top option, then look no further than this tow behind elevated deer hunting blind.  

Also be sure to check out this UTV from Pinterest to get an idea of how to make your own roof mounted blind for your UTV. 


Rod Holders

If hunting is not really your thing, then maybe you would like to use your UTV to get out there and do some fishing.  First you will want to get some rod holders that can be installed onto you UTV, similar to All Rite Products universal mount.  This can be attached to any cross bar that is under one inch in diameter. 

If you have a whole slew of rods you need to carry, this five-rod holder from the Fish Fighter store will do you well. 

Haul your boat

Another great way to use your UTV to increase your fishing fun, is to use it to haul your boat out into the woods with you.  If you have a small canoe, jon boat, or kayak, you have several options for doing this. You would simply tie it to the roof using several straps over the front, rear, and middle of the canoe for good measure.

If you are worried that your boat may be too long for this, check out the Darby Extend-A-Truck Kayak Carrier.  It will mount up with any 2-inch hitch and give you a sturdy spot to secure a long kayak. 

Lastly, let us not forget about what kind of towing capacity most side by sides have now a days.  If you have a small boat and trailer and the path you are going to travel is pretty well worn in, then you should consider using your side by side to find that perfect watering hole to launch your boat in and enjoy a day on the pond. 

No matter whether it’s hunting or fishing, a side by side is sure to increase the amount of fun and relaxation you can get out of your next trip into the woods.