Polaris RZR Roofs: A Buyer’s Guide

Why Get a Roof?

Whether you are looking for protection from the elements, to be legal for your next race, or just to increase your comfort, a roof can make all the difference in the kind of experience you are going to have while riding in your UTV.

Whatever way you plan to use your vehicle, and regardless of what activity you plan to partake in, the functionality a roof can provide is definitely worth considering.

Polaris RZR roofs are designed in a way in which they can protect you from all climates. Rain, sun, snow, or wind; RZR roofs hold strong under all conditions.

Don’t let your adventures be dictated by the elements; get a Polaris SxS roof and take the first step to making your UTV unconquerable. 

Where to Buy Your RZR Roof

Alright, so you have decided to get a roof, except you do not know where begin or where to buy one. Here is a place to start. Where you choose to purchase your Polaris RZR roof is up to you, but these are the best recommendations based on the selections available for each of these trustworthy retailers.


The most efficient brand-name roofs for the Polaris RZR models are available to buy at Polaris stores, or on the accessories section of the Polaris Off Road website. This website is also the most user-friendly. The choices here are pretty vast, offering two-seat and four-seat aluminum variants, graphic sport roofs, audio roofs, and more.

The colors available are yellow, white, red, orange, lime, and black. Not every color is available for every roof selection, but there are more than enough roofs with very appealing color choices. All in all, this is the most solid authority in Polaris RZR roofs and looking here is a must. The prices of these roofs range from $400-$2,000. 

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Another great place to check out roofs for your UTV is at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. They have a wide range of selections available for roofs including those of different functionalities, materials, and designs.

The choices here are typically aluminum, sport, canvas, and soft top roofs. The downside of this store in comparison to the Polaris store, is that this one has less color variants. Most of the roofs available sport a black hue.

Despite this, the roofs accessible from this retailer are different from those available at the Polaris website. You should certainly consider a look here before making any decisions, as the roofs offered are of superb quality.  The price range for these is typically in the $300-$800 ballpark.


The last dependable retailer definitely worth mentioning is SuperATV, as they offer a spread of different sized plastic roofs, tented roofs, and few soft top variants.

If you have a specific roof in mind, this retailer is less likely to have exactly what you are looking for, but offers a good selection nonetheless, so if you are unsure of what you desire to buy, take a gander at SuperATV. The price range for these is in the $200-$500 range.


Finally, if you are interested in seeing every possibility available, a more hit or miss retailer to check is MotoSport. They may not have a vast number of roofs to choose from, but it is certainly worth checking them out from time to time. There are not enough selections to determine a probable constant price range, but again, if it was not worth looking here, they would not be on this list.

Roof Installation

Do not worry excessively about the installation of your UTV roof. It is slightly different for every model, but most of these are extremely self-explanatory and some tools and a few minutes of your time is usually all it will take for you to carry out the feat.

If the installation of your roof proves to be more difficult or frustrating than you can manage, do not risk breaking your gear by trying to force the roof into place. There are plenty of resources and videos online that show step-by-step how to install roofs for each Polaris RZR model.

If all else fails, a shop would be happy to install the roof for you so you can return to using your UTV. 

Still Confused? Not Sure What Fits Your Needs?

The general consensus about Polaris RZR roofs is that when it comes to them, the word “best” is subjective. This may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but the trick is to acknowledge what your goals are for your UTV.

Do you want a sportier roof? If you use your Polaris for quick drives out in the open or on trails, or if you race with it, the sport roofs may be what you need check out first. Observe how they fit your vehicle; do they cause any kind of complications with the way they fit? Do they supply enough coverage for rainy days? What matters to you? If you plan to take your ride into the woods during inclement weather, and you want something that can take a bit more of a beating if you hit a tree, maybe take that into consideration and check out the available metal roofs.

In the end, this has to be personal preference, as all of the roofs are quite good and generally fulfill the same purpose. So do not let someone decide for you, but observe the facts, check out reviews, and decide what appeals to you. 

So, is Getting a Roof Really Worth It? 

There is no question that getting a roof for your UTV is not mandatory, but there is also zero doubt that it will benefit you and greatly benefit the health of your vehicle in the long run.

A roof protects you and your vehicle, so at least having access to a roof when you need it, is the most intelligent course of action. So, is it worth it? Yes, any authority on the subject would tell you that getting a roof for your Polaris RZR is the best course of action, and a decision that you will not regret. The benefits far outweigh the costs.