Upgrading the Lights on Your UTV

When the sun starts to set it becomes harder to clearly see where you are going or if there are any obstructions in your path.  It’s harder to see other drivers and it’s harder to gauge the distance between you and them.  It can also make it nearly impossible for you to read a map or find something inside the UTV with you, but adding some premium lighting options to your ride can make everything easier to see and your journey through the night much safer. 

Whether you are looking to add lights as a safety concern, or you want to add some flare to your ride, keep reading below and check out all of the different lighting options that are out there for you to take advantage of.

 Now you may be thinking that your headlights are working just fine, but trust me, more light is always better.  Most UTV’s still come with a halogen style bulb from the factory, which puts off dismal amount of light compared to some of the bright LED options.  For example, the stock bulb in a RZR puts out about 350 LUX, which is a light measurement standard, while an upgraded LED bulb can easily reach 1000+ LUX.  An LED bulb is also going to give you a much nicer looking light color, making it easier to pick up on details in the night.  For an example of what I am talking about, check out this YouTube Video from Headlight Revolution.

Some ways to increase your visibility is by upgrading the stock headlight like we mentioned above. If you want to do a replacement bulb like they do in the video, be sure to check the connector on your ride.  It should have a number on it that starts with an “H,” which will make sure you get the right size bulb to fit your housing. Changing out one of these bulbs is just like changing the one on your car.

One last thing to keep in mind is to make sure the LED bulb you are switching to is made to convert halogen to LED, as it should have some type of regulator to control the power. If it doesn’t, you could end up with some weird flickering in the headlight.  If you want to go a step further, you can upgrade the whole headlight housing and switch to a projector style lamp like these kits from Headlight Revolution, but make sure they fit your ride first.

 If you’ve already upgraded your headlights and still want more light, a light bar is a great way to add additional light. As I am sure you can all tell from the prices, not all light bars are created equally.  Here is a great video detailing three price points for light bars.  Before purchasing one, you should think about what you use your UTV for, and where you would like to mount the light bar, because they come in several different configurations. 

If you usually stick to well-worn trails and you plan to mount the light up high to keep it away from moisture and debris, then something like this budget friendly light would be great.  If you frequent the mud pits, deep water, or fancy yourself a racer, stepping up to a premium light bar like the ones from Baja, might be a good choice.  The real difference is in the IP rating, with the Baja version being able to be completely submerged in up to 9ft of water and withstand the power of pressure washing.

 If you are ever out at night in your UTV and you drop something in the cab, you know how much of a hassle it can be to try and find it.  Adding an interior dome light can make all of this possible for not very much money, and now with LED technology, they don’t take up very much space.  One of the nicest options out there is this one from Wild Power Sports.  It has a tiny foot print while still being incredibly powerful.  What really sets it apart for me is that it comes with a backlit switch that mounts to the dash, so even in the dead of night you can easily find it and turn it on.  If you don’t want to mess with running any wires for something that’s more of a creature comfort, be sure to check out this battery powered option from DJI that straps to any size bar.

Let’s not forget about the back end of your UTV.  If you want to make the back end of your side by side a little more visible and add some style, you could mount one of these universal break light strips to the back.  It attaches with adhesive and can make it easier for people behind you to see that you are stopping. 

Or, if you are really looking to up the ante, this chase light from Rigid does it all. This light is a  strobe, a running light, a third break light, a reverse light, and it has a small downward facing light to light up the cargo section. It can also be used as a single light or wired in a series to add even more visibility. 

 Some other fun options that you can add to give your UTV a little more style are some underbody lights.  If you’re just trying to add a little character to your ride this budget friendly option will light up your wheel wells and under body well.  They are also water proof so they should be able handle the mud. If you want to step it up a little bit, this rock light kit comes with top of the line LED’s and carries an IP68 rating, so dust and water are going to be of no concern.  They are extra bright to help you see the ground when you feel like some late night rock crawling.  They work with your phone and have unlimited color options. 

One last fun option that you can add to any UTV are some LED flag whip lights.  These are two flexible polls that are typically mounted on the back corners.  They are just for looks but can provide better visibility for night time racing.  These will definitely make you stand out in the crowd.

Most of the lights we have talked about have been more for leisure use or to light up your surroundings while you’re driving around.  If you use your UTV for work, then something that can come in handy is this adjustable spotlight.  Anyone who has been stuck out in the dark trying to fix something knows it can be a real pain if you don’t have a good light to help you out.  This light uses a magnetic mount so you can stick it anywhere and move it around as needed.  It works off of a 12v plug.

So, whether you are looking for a safer ride, some eye catching flare, or an extra hand in the dark, adding one or all of these lights to your ride is sure to make your life better.