UTV Gifts everyone will love!

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and if you are anything like me, that usually means a late-night trip to the mall trying to find something that we hope a friend or family member might like.  It can be tough to find that perfect gift for someone, but if they are a UTV enthusiast, then this list is sure to have something they will love and sure to have something at the perfect price point for you.  

Sometimes the best gifts are the type we can use in our hobbies or adventures we love. Whether they help us succeed with these hobbies, add more joy to the adventures or help make memories with friends and family. 

Gift receiving is one of the more fun parts of the holidays, but the giving can be just as rewarding. Nothing makes a person feel more accomplished than choosing a gift that makes their loved one’s face light up. 

This article will share a variety of gift ideas for the UTV lover, including budget friendly options, big purchases, gifts for children and more!

Let’s talk about gift ideas for UTV owners!

We are going to cover UTV apparel, gear, tools, parts, and toys for both adults and the kiddos.  Most everything we discuss will be available on Amazon, but if not, I’ll let you know where to find it.


T-Shirts and Hoodies

If you know someone who loves UTV’s, then decking them out in the latest swag is an inexpensive way to show them you are actually paying attention to their late-night rants. If you don’t know their favorite brand of UTV, then you may want to opt for something like this Money Can’t Buy Happiness tee.  

Don’t worry fellas, if your lady is an enthusiast as well, maybe toss one of these her way, Dirt Chick

One gift that is hard to go wrong with is clothing or accessories, especially the kind that allows a person to express love for their hobbies and passions. Another one for the ladies is ChixGear, created by an avid race lover. They offer a ton of race inspired apparel and accessories, such as hats, beanies, and shoes. Another great option, with a variety of options for male and female, is Fake Wrenching. Fake Wrenching has fun off-roading shirts, with catchy slogans. Both companies are small businesses and female owned.

If you do know what brand you are looking for, Amazon has a laundry list of items from CAN-AM and quite a few RZR related options similar to this RZR Karnage hoodie.  With this list of options you will definitely be able to find something for the UTV enthusiast on your list.


UTV lovers don’t usually let cooler temps keep them from riding and exploring. Thankfully, there are some options to help with the cooler temps. Like warm riding socks!  These socks are thick and warm, allowing the rider to keep their feet warm and dry, allowing them to stay on the trails longer!

Heated Throw Blanket

Another great option, for anyone that gets cold easily, is an electric heated throw with a 12 volt adapter. This throw heats up quickly and stays warm until you unplug it. With its long (6′) cord, passengers in the back of a four-seater with ease. It is also easy to fold and store.

Riding Gear

If the person on your list has a UTV, then maybe getting them something a little more tailored for their needs is what you’re after.  Let’s take a look at some of the awesome gear that is available for the UTV enthusiast.  


A great way to show someone how much you care is by trying to protect something important for them, like their face.  There are multiple helmet options available, so there is definitely something out there for everyone.  The most common types of helmets that people wear for this are half helmets, three quarter helmets, motocross helmets, and a newer option called an adventure helmet.  

For any helmet you purchase, make sure it carries at least a DOT or ECE rating, which lets you know that the helmet has passed impact testing.  Helmets can span a large range of pricing, (more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean safer), it usually has to do with brand and comfort level while still reaching the required safety rating.  A helmet can be an expensive and personal choice which can make picking one for someone else difficult.  


Gloves can be an easier choice for someone and having a few extra sets of gloves is never a bad thing.  You just have to pick between either a winter style or summer style.  

But if selecting clothing isn’t the route you want to go, maybe you’d be interested in selecting accessories such as a bag, mirror, or light.


Tools Kits

Another option to think about for the UTV enthusiast on your list is tools.  We have all cringed at the thought of breaking down in the middle of nowhere, but that is the exact reason to plan ahead and be prepared for the worst.  The day can quickly turn from great to terrible if a belt breaks while you are out on the trails. However, with this Savage Tool Kit you’ll be prepared with both a belt and the tools you will need to swap it out.  It even comes with mounting hardware and spare foam space for you to add a tool or two of your choice.  

If the person you are shopping for already has a garage full of tools and a side by side with a bed, a bed mounted toolbox is a great way for them to keep their tools organized while on the trail.  Just be sure to select a model that is compatible with your vehicle. 

If you don’t have a pile of tools, or enough space in your ride, a great option is the Boxo UTV tool roll.  This has everything you need, and it keeps it rolled up nice and neat for when disaster strikes.

Jump Start Battery

This cell phone sized jumper box from Weego is one handy item to give to others for rides or to add to their emergency kits. Not only can it jump the battery on a UTV, it can be used as a charging station for cell phones or tablets via its USB ports. Certain models come equipped with a flashlight and can even jump start a full-size truck or SUV and power 12-volt power tools. 


If you are really trying to impress the person you are shopping for, getting them new parts for their side by side is sure to score some major brownie points.  Not only because these items tend to be much more expensive than the others we have covered, but it also requires you to have some knowledge about the vehicle they have.  

Tires and Rims

Adding newer and more exciting rims and tires is always a nice way to make an older ride feel like new again.  You will need to know the bolt pattern of the side by side you are trying to buy for, but the good people at Planet SXS have created a bolt pattern list to make sure you find the right size.  

Amazon comes through for us as usual as the one stop shop for everything we could possibly need with this sweet rim and tire bundle, and if the color doesn’t suit your taste, then they have a bunch of different color and pattern options.  

If you want something a little more aggressive, Planet SXS comes through again with a huge list of bead locked rims and tire options that are sure to scale the toughest trails and rocks out there.  


If a change in sound is more what you are after, an upgraded exhaust system might be just what you are looking for. The folks at Dennis Kirk have built a page with multiple exhaust options, but the most eye-catching is this dual exhaust from MBRP that’s sure to give your ride a great new sound.  

Action Cameras

What’s an adventure if you have nothing to look back on and show to others? A waterproof and durable camera is a great gift to document memories and action on the trails. GoPro seems to be the best bang for your buck, with different models to choose from, there are various great cameras in different budgets. Not to mention the accessories that GoPro offers, like the suction cup or the pole mount, you can’t go wrong when gifting this to a UTV owner!

Grab Handles

Grab handles make for a great stocking stuffer! These are convenient to have added to the roll bars or roll cages of an UTV. They provide durable and sturdy support to the occupants during their ride, offering support that may be needed during rough terrains or from an adventurous driver! Measuring for 1.5-inch roll bars, these grab handles fit Polaris, Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha. Coming in under $20 for a pair, they make a great option for a stocking stuffer.


If that’s not the sound change you had in mind, then adding or upgrading the sound system is a great option. 

Music always makes for a fun time, so it is difficult to go wrong with a set of Bluetooth audio systems. These systems come in so many different sizes, mounting options, and even sound quality. Obviously, it is important to purchase “marine-grade”, as they can handle moisture. A sound bar or system is the perfect gift to turn a UTV into a rolling party! 

Whether you are looking for something simple like an overhead mounted sound bar or want to put in a multi speaker sound system, Dennis Kirk can help with that.  Don’t worry about the mud and the rain either, as both of these options are made to be water resistant.


Storage seems to be a common want between UTV owners. Storage needs become a necessity if your UTV is a “family ride”, or even if you are taking friends along, storage is a need. It also seems to be that space is kind of limited in most UTVs, even four-seater UTVs, so it’s important to use any “dead space”, spaces that we wouldn’t generally think about for storage. For example, door bags! Perfect gift for the person who needs to be able to store small items like cell phones, papers, flashlights and more. The bags are made heavy duty, and some even come with knee pads to add comfort knees on rough terrains.


If you’re shopping for a UTV owner who may be a little on the “wild side”, or maybe they plan on entering their vehicles in a race, upgrading their safety is a great gift. A four-point harness is a great upgrade for both driver and passenger seats, most brands have many styles and even colors to choose from, starting around the $90 range and going up. 

Finally, we come to the most important section on the list, TOYS! 


For the small kids or the toy collectors that you have to shop for, why not consider a scale model like this 1:18 Polaris RZR. It would be great to play with or would look awesome as a decoration in someone’s garage.  

If the kids are a little older, then a great gift choice might be something they can drive around in, just like Mom and Dad. 

HOMFY makes a toddler UTV which allows the kid to get behind the wheel but also comes with a remote control for Mom and Dad to help keep them on course.  

If you think your kid is ready to get behind the wheel of his or her own true side by side, Polaris makes a youth inspired RZR. Not only does it allow them to tackle the trail with you, but it gives parents the option to control the max speed limit.

Lastly, a toy that someone of any age can enjoy playing with is a side by side inspired RC car like this Can-Am Maverick sold by RC Planet

But regardless of age, hopefully these potential gift ideas have helped you find that perfect gift for your UVT loving loved one! Gift giving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Follow your gut and have fun!