Vinyl Wraps: Information for UTV Owners

So, you have a UTV, and you are looking into purchasing vinyl wrap for your vehicle. The problem is, there are so many possibilities to go through that you don’t know where to start. Is it better to get your UTV customized with vinyl wrap, or should you paint? Not only do you not know where to start, but you’re not sure if you can install it yourself. 

The only thing you know for sure is that you want to customize your UTV, but you want to make the right choice. Here’s a quick guide to making the perfect purchase.

The Pros of Vinyl Wrap

First off, why choose vinyl wrap over getting a custom paint job? This is a question that looms when you first decide to customize your UTV. This is a solid inquiry, and once you look deeper, it is easy to see that going with vinyl wrap has more advantages over paint.

The cost of vinyl wrap is much cheaper, with great customization options for your UTV.

Not only is it cheaper, but durability is exceptional, along with the option of vinyl being easier to remove. It will not damage the surface of your UTV underneath. This makes it easier to change out your design whenever you feel the need.

Also, going with vinyl wrap gives you an endless amount of design choices. It’s quick and straightforward to upload a customizable high-resolution graphic to place on the wrap. The same detail in your graphics would be harder to come across and be more costly if you go with paint.

Vinyl wrap is more durable than you’d imagine, it holds up in sun, rain, and mud. It also won’t get damaged when stored in hot garages for an extended amount of time. This material has a protective laminate that protects against fluids, and it won’t peel off in the heat. Don’t discount the resistance of vinyl wrap because of its lower cost.

Washing is the next question, and yes, it is possible to wash the installed wrap without worrying about ripping off the graphic. 

The only con about using vinyl wrap is that you need to watch the corners while you wash and stay away from high-pressure washers when you clean your UTV. That’s not saying you need to be overly gentle with it, vinyl wraps are sturdy. They are meant for you to go out and use them in the mud, out in the rain, and will wash off dirt and mud when you are done. They will last on your UTV for years if you take care of them.

Where to Buy

Now that we know the benefits of vinyl wrap, let’s take a look at purchasing options. 

Gatorwraps offers a wide range of design choices, along with the opportunity to have custom designs made. If you choose one of their pr-existing vinyl wraps, they provide a wide range of colors to choose from along with a wide array of different finishes.

The cost depends on your model of UTV, but all are affordable options that won’t break the bank. Depending on your make and model, expect to pay close to $400.

Proline Wraps

This company also allows custom designs specifically made for you. The best offer about Proline Wraps is they give you the ability to work with a graphic designer to help get your vision across. For the cost of this service, contact them directly, and talk with their team to set up a quote.

Proline Wraps has an impressive line of pr-made graphics that are right at your fingertips. The cost for these ranges from $224 to $405. That is an excellent deal if you are looking to change up the look of your UTV.

Mossy Oak Graphics

If you are looking for something more rugged, go with Mossy Oak Graphics. This company has a selection of vinyl that feeds your cameo needs. Although Mossy Oak Graphics do not offer custom designs, they do provide a wide variety of nature-inspired vinyl wraps. Expect to pay $280 for each of their options. This is also an affordable alternative to choose from and will not burn a hole in your wallet.


Now, you did your research, you have a vinyl wrap in mind, a design ready to go, and you are prepared to purchase. The next question is, how are you going to get it installed?

One way to go about this is to install your vinyl wrap yourself. Yes, it is possible to wrap your UTV without a hassle. The process is reasonably straightforward—imagine putting a screen protector on your phone on a larger scale. Don’t let the idea intimidate you. What you’ll need is masking tape, a spray bottle of water, a lint-free cloth, a squeegee, access to youtube, and a free afternoon. 

The best part is, this method is free of cost.

If you have no interest in installing your vinyl wrap yourself, it is possible to ask around locally to have someone else do it for you. If you are willing to spend the extra cash and your only interest is to get out on your custom UTV, this option is one to look into.

Now, armed with your new-found knowledge on vinyl wraps, it’s time to make a choice. What option is best for you?

The sites to purchase are lined up, the next decision is to figure out what you want your design to be for your UTV. Are you looking for a solid color change, or are you looking for a custom graphic? Is the cost of the project a significant factor in your purchase? What about the installation process? 

By the end of this article, you should be armed with a solid idea about what you are looking for when it comes to choosing your vinyl wrap.

You came here because you want to customize your UTV, and now you know where to get started. Vinyl wraps come with many positive features, including the ability to change designs effortlessly, reasonable cost, durability, and the option of installing it yourself. You are now only a few steps away from driving off with a customized UTV. It’s time to make a choice, but this time you are armed with the knowledge of making the right purchase for your needs. It’s time to take the first step to drive away with the perfect customized UTV.